About Us

About Our Company

ViviLesari is the newest women’s fashion brand from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The team behind Vivi Lesari have big dreams and is working hard to make it a well-known fashion brand throughout Indonesia.

Time never stops flowing and so does the fashion; it will always change but the taste in choosing the right clothes will never change. The beauty of the women is seen from the outfit they wear. Therefore, ViviLesari is here to be provide a place for women of all ages which will not only help them maintain their beauty standards and status-co but will also give them confident to compete with today’s fashion trends.

ViviLesari is not only a brand that only sells clothes, but also a source of assertiveness and credence for the women. Our core mission is to provide a place where all women can find what they need without affecting their conviction, aplomb and boldness.

Prioritizing quality is our goal. in addition, we also aim to provide comfort in dressing with daily wear designs that follow trends and choose the best clothing materials which will be designed by our team to provide the best quality and affordable prices.